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 Ranks within the Royal Marines

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PostSubject: Ranks within the Royal Marines   Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:03 am

As you will see here the Army and the Royal Marines have almost identical ranks however minor changes.


These are the general duties Royal Marines Commandos who fight at section level

Lance Corporal

Lance Corporals are section 2 i/c and assist Corporals in leading the section


These are section commanders which make decisions in a firefight


Normally Sgt's are troop Sgt's and assist young officers in decision making.

Colour Sergeant

Colour Sergeants are the link between officers and their men, colour Sgts are close with both men and officers.

Warrent officer 2

Normally heads of departments or CSM

Warrent Officer 1


Commissioned Ranks

Second Lieutenant

All Royal Marine Officers hold the rank of 2nd Lieutenant from the first day of Phase 1 Training.

2nd Lt’s hold this rank until they have completed Phase 1 Training at CTCRM and Phase 2 Training as a Troop Commander in an operational unit.


Senior Corps Commissioned Officers hold the rank of Lieutenant whilst undergoing training at CTCRM.

In Commando units a Lt could still be a Troop Commander because the rank is also held by Direct Entry Officers who commence training before the age of 21.


The natural progression of promotion to Captain allows for a greater role in the decision making progress and command abilities.

With promotion to the rank of Captain comes the possibility of specialisation within the Royal Marines. These specialisations include Mountain Leaders, Heavy Weapons or Signals.

Promotion to Captain can lead to any of the following appointments and responsibilities:

• Second-in-Command (2ic) of a sub-unit of approximately 120 soldiers.

• Adjutant: Normally a senior Captain whose primary role is to assist the Commanding Officer of a Commando unit. Such an individual would have been selected because of his outstanding ability. A ‘successful’ Adjutant would probably go on to greater things.

• Staff Officer Grade 3 (SO3) in a military headquarters – probably at Brigade level.

• Greater participation in the decision making process with tactical responsibility for ground operations.  


Promotion to Major is a big leap on the promotion ‘ladder’ and denotes an Officer of mid-level command status.

Promotion to Major can lead to any of the following appointments:

• Command of a minor or sub-unit of approximately 120 Officers and Marines. As the Officer Commanding (OC) of such a unit comes responsibility for the management, training, discipline and welfare of the personnel placed under his command.

• Staff Officer Grade 2 (SO2) in a military headquarters – probably at Division level.

• Chief of Staff (COS) in a Brigade Headquarters. This key appointment is more often than not filled by Majors who have excelled when attending the Intermediate Staff and Command Course. The COS is the principal Staff Officer in the Headquarters who works closely with the Commander (a Brigadier) and whose duties are many and various!

Lieutenant Colonel

With promotion to Lt Col comes the possible ambition of any professional Officer in the Royal Marines – the command of a Commando or similar sole command appointment within The Corps.

Command of a major unit is the pinnacle of the chosen Commanding Officer’s (CO) career with the tenure of command lasting approximately two years. With this opportunity to command comes the responsibility for upwards of 650 Officers and Marines as well as the operational effectiveness of the Commando when considering military capability, management of resources, discipline, training and welfare of those under command. Royal Marines Commissioned Officer: Rank Insignia With General Information

A Lt Col commands CTCRM and as such has ultimate responsibility for the quality of personnel being trained at CTCRM as well as other ‘core’ responsibilities.

Lt Col’s can be found in senior staff appointments or employed as a Staff Officer Grade 1 (SO1) in a military headquarters. ´


The appointment of Deputy Commander 3 Commando Brigade is held by a Colonel.

Colonels typically serve as Staff Officers and are the principle operational advisors to Senior Officers. . 


3 Commando Brigade is commanded by a Brigadier.

Officers holding the rank of Brigadier are employed in senior Staff Officer appointments.

Major General

The rank of Maj Gen in the Royal Marines is held by the professional head of The Corps and holds the appointment of Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM). Prior to 1996 the appointment of CGRM was held by a Senior Officer of Lieutenant General or General rank.

CGRM is the senior officer of the Royal Marines.

CGRM has ‘line’ responsibility for all Royal Marine units and is responsible for advising the First Sea Lord on amphibious matters.

CGRM also holds the dual appointment of Commander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces (COMUKAMPHIBFOR).

Lieutenant General

Currently don't know much about these SCOs


Currently don't know much about these SCOs
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Ranks within the Royal Marines
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