Elite Unit of The UK-Army ( ArmA 2 Squad )
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 Specialisation Roles within the Royal Marines

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PostSubject: Specialisation Roles within the Royal Marines   Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:47 am

As a part of the 40Cdo clan which is the spearhead of the Royal Marines and 3 Commando Brigade which currently is in command of British Forces in Afghanistan and took over from 16 Air Brigade around a year ago. To have an clan which can be completely 'Amphibious' or 'Elite' we must be trained and prepared for all problems which might be encountered on a battlefield.

Landing Craft Coxswain
The Landing Craft Coxswain is the driver of the LCU (Landing Craft Utility) This would carry weapon crates, vehicles, and men onto shore in an seaborne attack, seaborne attacks are very risky and require allot of planning and support aswell as being constantly trained in the skills and drills, the Coxswain would steer the boat either it be an ORC (Offshore Raiding Craft/RIB) or a LCU there are many things to consider in LC assaults, because to do so successfully the Coxswain has to do monouvers so the other ORCs know what their doing and what you're doing so you have as minimal casualties as possible.

Aircrewman would consist of Royal Marines Pilots who fly the Sea King however to substitute for that we use the merlin which looks exactly like the sea king but bigger! Other aircrewmen are the Gunners, Chief, and side gunner. The Chief would be in charge of navigation and both gunners would be proficient in using the weapons on the helicopter.

Armoured Support
Armoured Support within the real Royal Marines would be about the armoured viking, however in the game of Arma 2 we do not have that luxury and will have to substitute for other vehicles for example the striker or a jackal. They are specialist in monouvering vehicles and other such things to do with vehicles. They can also be used as top gunners in vehicles.

Assault Engineer
Being an assault engineer in game of course is pretty easy, assault engineers would normally partake in fighting with/in vehicles for example they would be the top gunner of a jackal and if the vehicle took any hits which needed an assault engineer they'd get a GD (General Duties) Marine to get up on the top gun while its being repaired, Assault Engineers can also be used as drivers.

Mountain Leader
Mountain leaders are incredibly well known within the Royal Marines, they are essential for moving around very rocky and treacherous terrain, of course in game we cannot scale cliffs and assault from the mountains (Unless if we're fighting an enemy a mile away) Being a ML (Mountain Leader) you must know very well about navigation, be very aware and also have a good common sense about you as you would be planning and navigating routes for the troops to follow,

Reconnaissance Operator
Reconnaissance is absolutely essential for mission planning, luckily enough in game we have the maps laid out for us and little reconnaissance is needed as many of us know the ground pretty well, however for the mission to go successfully the recon team will have a CTR (Close Target Recce) of the area and get as much information as possible, Enemy Numbers, Enemy morale, weapons, officers, discipline, are they well fed? Every single bit of information as possible.

Swimmer Canoeist
Swimmer Canoeist in the Royal Marines is also another name for the the converted SBS (Special Boat Service) which is the Royal Marines Special Forces, this is the same [or maybe better] than the SAS which is the Special Air Service, Swimmer Canoeists work in small teams of four, infiltrate into enemy lines and observe, Kill and Conquer the enemy. Only the best make it into the SBS.

Heavy Weapons
The RMR I am currently at specialises in Heavy Weapons and Landing Crafts, Heavy Weapons consists of Air Defence, Anti-Tank, Mortars and 50. Cal this job would consist of setting up an OP for ambushes or being over watch for an attacking troop. In the act of a section attack Heavy Weapons are hardly used as the men are usually needed on the ground and too many men are being used up by heavy weapons, for example... Many men are needed to carry the ammunition and weapons.
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Specialisation Roles within the Royal Marines
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